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These are my reviews before I started a comments page in my website, and before I signed up for a google business and

yelp account.


Her extensive knowledge of not only Spanish but English means she can explain the

language in such detail that any question of mine is not only answered but I

understand it on a level I never have before, it all just falls in to place.

Instead of coming out of a lesson frustrated or overloaded trying to remember

translations I end up walking home formulating new sentences in my head with the

explanations and examples Lissette has given.

Lissette doesn’t just teach text out of a book, she focuses on what interests me and

discovered early on that I learn best through listening and speaking. She creates

situations I can use in my daily life, before I know it the hour is up and I realize I’m

speaking to her in Spanish creating my own sentences.

She makes learning fun and easy and after each lesson I am excited to speak to my

Spanish speaking friends, and always looking forward to my next lesson.



Lissette is a wonderful teacher who is flexible and understanding. I am a lawyer who started with Lissette as an intermediate student and she has helped me cultivate a comfortable, conversational Spanish through her lessons. She has helped my develop my professional vocabulary, prepare for vacations, and most importantly to sound natural when I am speaking full sentences in Spanish. She has made it fun! Sometimes we listen to Spanish language music and translate it in real time, sometimes we role-play, sometimes we do vocab lists, sometimes we work with the book, and sometimes we just sit and have conversations in Spanish. I highly recommend her to anyone at any level looking for a 1 on 1 Spanish tutor.




Wholeheartedly and without reservation, I would like to to recommend Lissette Napoleoni as a Spanish language instructor. Lissette is a Spanish language instructor for my two  11 and 7 yo boys. From the first lesson, Lissette was able to establish the connection with the boys and make them excited about learning Spanish. They look forward to their Spanish lessons with Lissette every week. Lissette uses a balanced teaching approach combining conversational, vocabulary and grammar practice. Lissette is always willing to modify her teaching strategy to meet the student's individual strengths and weaknesses. My older son is able to have a conversation in Spanish and understand a simple conversation only after a few months of learning!

I am looking forward to working with Lissette for many more years as I know she is a perfect teacher for my children to achieve Spanish fluency. 



Lissette has been tutoring my son in Spanish III. Over the last 2 years we have had 3 different Spanish tutors and I must say Lissette is by far the best. She is extremely thorough when working with our son and takes it a step further by clearly communicating and going over details with my husband and I afterwards. She has a genuine interest in our sons performance in the class and has even communicated with his teacher to ensure she is doing all she can to help prep our son for his weekly quizzes and tests.



Lissette has now been teaching the 5 kids of the family I work for, for about 4/5 months.  We love her teaching style.  She is very creative to ensure she can grasp each child's attention and teach them language. Each child is very different in the household but Lissette has been able to connect with each one and also is able to adapt her teaching style to each and they love her and learning Spanish.

Lissette always goes above & beyond and stays extra time to ensure everyone gets the maximum out of each session.

We are thankful she is with us and highly recommend her for any future students that are thinking of teaching their child another language.



She has my highest recommendation. The most compelling component about Lissette's teaching is that she really cares

about her students.  She consistently goes above and beyond to take care of them and she updates me weekly about

how they're doing.  Lissette is exemplary.
LA Spanish School


Lissette is great for professionals. She is flexible and easy to meet with and great to talk to. She is familiar with many many regional terms and idioms and most importantly she is easy to have comfortable conversations in Spanish with. Recommend!

David Angeloff



I have been tutoring with Lissette for months now and I can strongly say that without a doubt, my vocabulary, conversation and even CONFIDENCE in speaking Spanish has increased tremendously. Lissette's extensive knowledge, passion and creativity in teaching is exactly what I was looking for. I am so thankful to have found this wonderful gem! Muchas gracias, Lissette! :)

Pegah Rashti

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