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If you would like Spanish lessons, call me at 323-405-2383 or 702-6485 for a consultation.

Hola! This is Lissette and below you'll see how I became a Spanish conversational expert! First, you can read a few reviews about me. There are more than 20 online.

1. On a google business:
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3. On Yelp: Search for 'Language Whiz'.
4. (these I've collected through the years)

Most of my students feel like they have gotten as far as they could learning Spanish by themselves. They've been studying with apps, at learning centers, in high school and in college, and they feel that their conversational skills should be further along. For the past 17 years, I've been helping my clients make a quick transition from theoretical Spanish to practical spoken Spanish.
I help my clients acquire conversational skills quickly by:
Teaching them a system that delivers basic conversational skills in three months.



By the end of six months 
my clients' skills include:
---Handling simple transactions in Spanish (at a hotel, ordering food, managing transportation abroad, buying items).

By the end of one year my clients' skills include:
---Finally sustaining simple transactional conversations with new acquaintances and old friends who speak Spanish. Speaking Spanish to the family of their significant other.
---Having conversations in present and past tenses.
---Understanding conversations of those who speak Spanish around them, such as coworkers, neighbors, at a store, etc.

By the end of two years my clients' skills include:
---Being able to sustain a transactional job that requires simple Spanish skills, by being able to interact with coworkers and clients in Spanish. Students that are able to study more frequently are able to engage in legal, artistic and managerial conversations. 
---Basic understanding Spanish spoken on films and TV. 

---Being able to switch between several tenses.

My method of teaching Spanish is really effective because:
---I provide you with drills that I have created which will help you to quickly ask and answer questions.
---My classes focus on speaking. Whether with situational dialogues I've collected through the years, or with the use of several drills and exercises, or with conversations that we improvise in the moment, you will be speaking a lot. That's how you know you will be able to speak Spanish outside of class, because you've been practicing conversations in class from day one.
---Though I focus on conversation, I also teach you grammar. Grammar takes out the random element of learning a language. Why? Because grammar rules are the multiplication tables and formulas that will exponentialize your learning. Otherwise, learning a language is like doing multiplication by using your fingers. It will take you a long time to learn the basics of speaking a language without appropriate grammar lessons. At the very least grammar helps you understand how English and Spanish are different, so that you don't get confused with tricky word order. After 24 years of teaching Spanish, I know grammar rules by heart, and I can teach them to you at the same time that I provide you with drills, and at the same time that I converse with you in Spanish!!
---After teaching so many students throughout the years, I intuitively know how folks learn a language.
---I know English and Spanish really well so I can explain complicated Spanish concepts to you in English, which expedites your learning.
---I teach with a Spanish grammar book that you can follow at home for even quicker results.

About me:
I'm a native Spanish speaker who was reading novels and very advanced Spanish literature in high school. I was a top Spanish student back then, and in fact, I didn't speak English till I was 18. That's when I moved to the states to attend Ohio State University. Afterwards, I completed a Master's in Telecommunications at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It was through my college studies that I learned to speak and write English well, and how I came to understand the mechanics of conquering another language. 

A. Grammar study from books
B. Conversational drills using grammar principles
C. Study of dialogue about everyday experiences
D. New vocabulary drills
E. Study of songs and movie scripts for those interested
F. Reading literature for those interested in reading novels.
I have also taught with the use of magazines and online papers.
The mix of methods depends on your immediate need and your personal preferences.

-for years I've assisted students pass advanced Spanish tests. I tutor all levels of grammar in high school 1, 2, 3 and 4
-i have given lessons to college students trying to finish their language requirements in college
-coaching actors for TV auditions
-I have helped film producers translate scripts and even speeches to Spanish
-I have taught employers the language so they can understand and speak with their employees and clients
-I have taught employees understand their coworkers
-I have helped folks understand their neighbors and form friendships
-I have taught Spanish to people traveling to South America or Spain
-I have helped Spanish teachers with advanced grammar questions
-I have helped students with the Spanish SAT test
-I have helped students who want to learn Spanish songs
-I have supported actors trying to grasp an accent for a plays and films
-I have helped second and third generation Hispanic adults get back to their roots by teaching them with advanced language skills
-I have helped Spanish to folks who want to learn it so they can speak to their significant other
and the list goes on!

Call me, text or email and let me know why you need Spanish lessons. We'll schedule a class. 323-405-2383 or 702-934-6485

Thank you,

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