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I currently teach business people and professionals. We use a grammar book and review verbs, sentence construction, grammar rules and so on.  We do dialogue drills, and in addition, we work on listening skills. I also provide my clients with vocabulary expansion exercises. All classes are customized to fit the student's needs.  All classes are structured so that you can learn how to keep up with quick Spanish conversations.  Many times, I also help students understand the news, movies and/or podcasts.  Some students take advantage of my creative background and sometimes request learning songs or going over theatrical scripts. Others like learning with the use of dialogue scripts that I provide (such as typical conversations at a restaurant), or with dialogues that we come up with during class.


I currently teach intermediate and high school students.   We use their texts so they can keep up (or be ahead) of their lessons and their homework. In some cases, I've helped students pass advanced Spanish tests.

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