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The Beginning Conversational program:

This level will allow you to have starter conversations that include meeting people and having casual dialogues with them.  This beginner’s plan is also about being able to do simple transactions, whether at a store or at a restaurant.  You will be able to engage in small talk at work or at events and you will be able to express your needs while traveling to other countries.  It’s what I call environmental Spanish, I will prepare you to tackle conversations during many activities in which you are among Spanish speaking people.


After taking classes one day a week for a year (or six months for classes twice a week), you will will be able to:


-meet and greet people on a trip, at an office, at a store, at different kinds of parties

-get to know people, their likes, what they do for a living and you will be able to engage in small talk with new friends

-express your needs and wants at different places where services are offered, letting people know the needs and wants of people in your goup

-order food

-buy items

-take a plane

-ask for directions, take transportation

-go to a bank

-go to a doctor

-go to the movies, plus many other actions that we do in our daily lives that include transactions or small talk with people

-tell stories using the past tense, explain to others what you are doing in the moment and describe what you will do in the future

-understand how it feels to speak to others in several tenses (times).  For example, you will be able to talk about potential situations, talk about your feelings, and learn how to start using compound sentences.

-engage in simple conversations with people that will grow in length and complexity by the end of the course


This program prepares the student for the Intermediate/Advanced Program.

Intermediate Advanced Program:

The Intermediate/Advanced Program is designed for developing in depth conversations with people you meet.   By the end of the program, the student will have lots of practice using verbs in all tenses.  Every class is an opportunity to have short conversations with the teacher using all the aspects of grammar needed to speak in an educated way.


This course is for folks who understand beginning Spanish grammar, and who are now ready to practice conversational skills using all elements in grammar.


The program can be completed in a year if you take a class once per week.

It can be completed in six months if you take a class twice per week.


Advanced Program:   

This is an ongoing program in which you will discuss literature, news or other advanced material.

An hour of weekly discussions for those interested in developing conversational skills through the work of well-known writers in the Latin American and Spanish culture.  


You will gain in depth knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture through the novels of beloved writers.   You will understand complex sentence structure, the expression of feelings, psychology, philosophy and usage of phrases and idioms though the understanding of stories written in Spanish


It’s half a year   -  One class per week     And Ongoing

Learn STANDARD SPANISH.  I'm a Native speaker of Spanish, but I'm also an actor/singer (with TV credits), and I have learned to speak neutral Spanish, such as the one you would use in broadcasting (or the equivalent of STANDARD ENGLISH).  I have recordings throughout the site with my voice, so that you can hear the tone and rhythm that I teach my students, basically designed to be as accent-less as possible. 


Classes goals:

*Learn grammar so that you can improve your sentence construction and hold longer and more meaningful conversations.


I use grammar books (all levels) and I have drilling exercises to get you speaking the language confidently.

Improve your listening skills with exercises designed to help you be able to understand more words.


Expand your vocabulary with lists that we'll study.  As time goes on you'll be able to listen to the news, podcasts and/or TV shows.

Learn dialogues from everyday conversations.  I teach dialogues I created from conversations at a restaurant, buying cloth, and other daily activities. I also use conversations that I had my students and with you, which I type  and give to you.

You can also learn by singing songs in Spanish or by learning movie scripts.  It's a quick way to learn new vocabulary and grammar structure.


After our classes, you'll be able to have better conversations with your friends, co-workers, clients, boss, significant other, and with everyone who speaks Spanish in LA!

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