Recording In Spanish:

¡Hola! Soy Lissette. Bienvenidos a mi sitio en el internet, donde voy a incluir artículos y grabaciones para que ustedes aprendan más español.

Translation In English:

Hello! I’m Lissette.  Welcome to my site, where I’m going to include articles and recordings so that you can learn more Spanish. 



* Bonus recordings in this site's blog

-3 conversational levels provided

-Be able to converse in the first class

-Converse in every single class, and learn the proper technique of correct Spanish sentence construction 

-Classses are a perfect 50/50 mix of conversations and grammar concepts 

that speed up your learning

-Conversational programs taught by teacher who has been helping folks learn the language quickly and practically for 17 years!

-Teacher is a Spanish Native language speaker with advanced studies in Spanish and English, therefore able to interpret in the moment and answer your questions!


Hear Me Speak in Standard Spanish






Analyze if my diction is the one that you are looking for. Excerpts used in these recordings are credited at the end of this page.

BLOG ENTRY- Learn Spanish using dialogues about everyday activities. From going to a restaurant, to buying cloth, to remodeling your home.

Learn Spanish by singing:  Learn Spanish by learning your favorite songs in Spanish. Some of my students learn songs because it's a way of quickly retaining and drilling grammar and new words.



Learn Spanish by learning grammar patterns. From verb conjuation to direct and inderect objects, learn grammar rules that will help you understand how to construct sentences successfully. I use textbooks and my own original methods, which have been developed over the years.

Learn STANDARD SPANISH.  I'm a Native speaker of Spanish, but I'm also an actor/singer (with TV credits), and I have learned to speak neutral Spanish, such as the one you would use in broadcasting (or the equivalent of STANDARD ENGLISH).  I have recordings throughout the site with my voice, so that you can hear the tone and rhythm that I teach my students, basically designed to be as accent-free as possible. 

How can you learn Spanish as fast as possible?  This is a question my students ask often. During the first classes, I will analyze which teaching methods allow you to learn faster.  Together, we will create a custom made class using classic and modern techniques of teaching the language.